For more information on any of these awards, please contact our Executive Director, Pat Huey.

In an attempt to make sure all members are aware of the awards presented each year, the criteria for each award are listed below:

  DEADLINE: October 15
To qualify, club members must complete the following:


  • Recruit two (2) new active members
  • Participate in three (3) or more Kiwanis or Sponsored Youth service projects
  • Attend one of the following:
    • International Convention
    • District Convention
    • Regional/zone education conference
    • Key Club Convention
    • Circle K International Convention
    • Aktion Club Convention
    • Key Leader event

Distinguished Members will receive a lapel pin and recognition.

The Henry C. Heinz Endowment was created in 2002 to honor those Georgia Kiwanians who have exhibited outstanding dedication and commitment to Kiwanis. A donation of $1,000 is made to the Georgia District Foundation and the interest is used to service the youth of Georgia in the form of scholarships and other financial support.

Any Georgia Kiwanian who has demonstrated the spirit of service to Kiwanis as exemplified by Henry C. Heinz may be honored by this award. The donation may come from an individual, a Kiwanis Club, a Division, or any other group of Kiwanians.

Henry C. Heinz was a vice president and director of C&S Bank in Atlanta. He was a founder and later president of the Atlanta Boys’ Club. He was also the son-in-law of Coca-Cola founder Asa Griggs Candler.

In addition, Henry C. Heinz was one of the first Kiwanians in Georgia, and the first Georgian to serve as President of Kiwanis International, in 1927-1928. Prior to serving as President, he had served three years as Treasurer of Kiwanis International, and also served as an International Vice President.

Appropriately, the first Key Club was formed during Henry C. Heinz’s year as International President in Sacramento, California. Further strengthening Kiwanis’ support of your work was the publicity given to this Key Club, thus laying the groundwork for many additional clubs to be formed in the future.

The Kiwanis International Foundation was incorporated on February 10, 1939. In 1941, Henry C. Heinz was elected Foundation President and served until his death in 1943.

The International Foundation established the Hixson Fellowship in 1983 to honor George F. Hixson, the first International President of Kiwanis International, and to fund your Kiwanis International Foundation, which supports the needs of children and the Kiwanis Family.

Individual Hixsons may be purchased through the club in the amount of $1,000.


Each Kiwanis Club of Marietta President may have the option of presenting a Hixson to a member who has shown exemplary service to the club and community throughout that President’s term. The club will make a donation to the Kiwanis International Foundation in the amount of $1,000.

Each recipient will receive a Hixson medallion, Hixson plaque, and Hixson pin. The medallion is to be worn to special club, division, district and Kiwanis International functions.

You may contact Pat Huey at for more information on ordering a personal Hixson for yourself, your spouse, your child, etc. We have awarded over sixty-six Hixsons over the years to deserving Marietta Kiwanis members!

The Board of Directors will nominate between (5) to (10) Club members at the August Board meeting using the criteria set forth below. Ballots, listing the nominees, will then be given to Club members in attendance at a regular Club meeting. The member who receives the most votes will be the Kiwanian of the Year for the current year.



  • Member of the Kiwanis Club of Marietta for more than two years
  • Member in good standing
  • Active member – Have at least 75% attendance, including make-up credits, during the current Kiwanis year
  • Participates in at least (1) community service activity during the current year
  • Participates in the Flag Project at least (1) time during the current year
  • Attends at least (2) interclub meetings during the current year
  • Brings in at least (1) new member during the current year
  • Has previously been awarded the Outstanding Kiwanian Award

This award will be presented at our last meeting of the fiscal year, which is in September.  Feel free to contact me if you have questions about your status for this award.

Eligibility is based upon a Kiwanian having at least 25 years of membership, not necessarily consecutive, in one or more clubs. Having been recognized for 25 years of service, a member is again eligible to receive the Legion of Honor award when the individual achieves 30 years of membership, again at 35 years, and so on.




  • Perfect attendance (including make-up credits) for at least 6 months
  • Sponsored a new Kiwanis member within the current fiscal year (October 1 thru September 30)
  • Attended at least 2 interclubs within the current fiscal year 
  • Actively participated on a Club Committee within the current fiscal year 
  • Be in good standing with the Club, Division, District & International

Criteria: To receive credit attendance at a meeting, the member must be present for at least 60% of the time scheduled for such meeting. (1) member participation credit shall be given for personal attendance at the following meetings or activities during the calendar month or (7) days immediately preceding or following the month that a Club meeting is missed.

Perfect Attendance tabs are awarded on an annual basis for perfect attendance for 12 consecutive months beginning October 1st and ending
September 30th. Attendance credits (make-ups) may be earned by:


  • Attendance at regular Club meetings
  • Participating in a Club Committee meeting 
  • Attending a Board of Director’s meeting 
  • Attending a Kiwanis Sponsored Youth meeting such as Key Clubs at Harrison and Marietta High Schools and The Performance Learning Center 
  • Attending a Division, District or International Kiwanis function 
  • Attending another Kiwanis Club meeting or function 
  • Attending an interclub (four or more Kiwanians) with another Kiwanis Club 
  • Participating in a Club-sponsored Kiwanis service project 
  • Jury duty 
  • Any volunteer meetings or activities you have with another non-profit organization for which you do not get paid

*If you have transferred to this Club from another Kiwanis Club, your perfect attendance will build upon your previous perfect attendance. Please contact Pat Huey if this applies to you.

Selected by the Board of Directors


  • Member in Kiwanis Club of Marietta for more than (6) months and less than (18) months
  • Minimum of 75% attendance 
  • Attended the Kiwanis Club of Marietta’s New Member Orientation session 
  • Participated in at least (1) Club service project 
  • Made a significant contribution to Kiwanis in time, energy and/or resources 
  • Nominated by a member of the Board of Directors 
  • Participated in at least (1) interclub meeting


By recruiting five or more new members during their Kiwanis career, members are eligible for the Ruby K Award.   Ruby K pins are available for recruiting 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, etc., up to 100 and in multiples of 25 over 100. The award is cumulative, so previous recipients are eligible for a new Ruby K when they recruit additional members.

The club or an individual may honor and memorialize Kiwanis leaders, spouses and friends with the Kiwanis International Foundation Tablet of Honor upon a death, anniversary or other significant occasion. A Tablet of Honor may be used to pay tribute to an individual, couple, club, company or organization.

Honorees (or their family members) receive a plaque signifying that a gift of at least $1,000 was made in their name, as well as a tie tack or lapel pin and a pocket crest.

Tablet of Honor gifts are designated to the Kiwanis Children’s Fund unless otherwise directed.

Donors who give $1,250 to The Eliminate Project—paid one time or over two years—may become Walter Zeller Fellows (named in honor of the first donor to the Kiwanis International Foundation).

Walter Zeller Fellows receive a commemorative lapel pin and a medallion encased in a display box. Walter Zeller Fellows also receive a certificate and other forms of recognition to commemorate their support of The Eliminate Project.

Every nine minutes, an infant dies from neonatal tetanus. That short lifetime is marked by pain, robbing a mother of the chance to provide even the comfort of her touch. Most of these tragedies occur in countries that haven’t yet eliminated maternal and neonatal tetanus.

With The Eliminate Project: Kiwanis eliminating maternal and neonatal tetanus, Kiwanis International has joined forces with UNICEF to change the world for millions of mothers and babies.

Contact me at if you would like more information on making a donation through our Club for this project.