The Kiwanis Club of Marietta has adopted the Graduate Marietta initiative as its major focus with a comprehensive approach to literacy in its various forms, including:

Did you know?  Leigh Colburn, former Director of the Graduate Marietta Student Success Center (GMSSC), shared with us that all Seniors at Marietta High School write a final essay titled My Graduation Story.  These essays are used as research for the ongoing evolution of the GMSSC and the services provided.  Here is an excerpt from a 2016 Senior’s essay: “During the end of my sophomore year, I continued the IB program classes, and at the moment I had no computer access. That was my biggest barrier to keep up with all of the IB classes. Then a survey went out, and it had to do with whether or not we had computer and internet access at home. Then, a few weeks later, I was awarded a Kiwanis Laptop Scholarship. This scholarship made a huge impact on my graduation path.”   CLICK HERE to read the entire essay.


  • The Kiwanis Good Vibes Café at MHS (Marietta High School) serves up Healthy Smoothies, Fresh Fruits, and other delicious treats in conjunction with the Culinary Arts program.
  • The Food Pantry provides healthy food options for students' homes at no cost to the students.
  • In addition to financial support, Club members are:
    • serving as volunteers in the Café and Food Pantry;
    • helping to research and write easy, inexpensive, and nutritious recipes;
    • helping students write business plans for the sustainability of the Kiwanis Good Vibes Café.
  • Power Up for 30 Exercise Carts are being sponsored in at least three MCS elementary schools.


 Food Pantry at Marietta High School

The Good Vibes Cafe is currently open every Monday and Wednesday, and the business is going well.  In the photos below they were using the oven for turkey sandwiches and open-faced meat and bean tacos with all different types of toppings.  

Below are recent photos taken in the writing/tech lab at the Graduate Marietta Student Success Center.   This technology and the tutoring available have been made available from a combination of funding from ATT and the Kiwanis Club of Marietta.

Chef Ginger Pratt, with Marietta High School's Culinary Arts Program, gave an after-school cooking demonstration in the Kiwanis Good Vibes Cafe.  Fifty students, who had already attended tutoring, chose to stay for the demonstration and were treated to a tasting of Chef Pratt's homemade pasta and tomato sauce with grilled zucchini.


On another afternoon, Superintendent Emily Lembeck gets in on the action with Chef Pratt as they prepare fresh fruit salsa for the students.


Would you like to support our Nutritional Literacy efforts?  CLICK HERE for more information!

Our Club has installed four beautiful Scholastic Reading Oasis Projects:  Lockheed Elementary School, Hickory Hills Elementary School, Dunleith Elementary School, and the Anderson Boys & Girls Club at an investment of $40,000 through our joint initiative with Scholastic.  Over 4,000 books have been made available to children within Marietta City Schools, and funds have been budgeted to maintain and ensure all Reading Oasis projects reflect positively on Kiwanis and are a benefit to the students.

Our Club makes monetary donations to provide copies of the U.S. Constitution to fifth-grade students in Marietta City Schools on Constitution Day.

Our Club, in partnership with MHS, has established the Kiwanis Technology Center at MHS, a community-wide initiative designed to raise the academic performance of MHS students by closing the gap between those who have technology in their homes and those who do not.  This gap is commonly referred to as the “digital divide.”  As part of this program, over 100 Technology Scholarships have been awarded to six classes of Juniors at MHS, and these scholarships are funded for additional years as well.  The project sponsor is Dr. Grant Rivera, Superintendent of Marietta City Schools.
Technology Scholarship recipients are selected from the Junior class at MHS based upon st
aff recommendations in addition to other criteria.  Namely, the prospective recipient must:
• have a minimum of two years in the Marietta City School System
• have a 2.5 or higher GPA
• be on track for graduation

• have documented need
• not already have access to appropriate technology in the home
• have no significant discipline

Recipients and their parents/guardians must attend training on the technology and software, as well as agree to rules for its use.   Scheduled and surprise control checks of the technology are required.

The project is producing a significant increase in education-focused computer usage.

CLICK HERE to see the impact that our involvement with Graduate Marietta
is having.  Thanks to Mike Ward for putting this video together!

CLICK HERE to read the article that was in the Marietta Daily Journal on 1/30/13 about the Technical Literacy project!

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