In order to carry out all the projects that Kiwanis is involved with throughout the year, each member is asked to join one or more committees.  Below is a brief description of each committee, along with the chairs.  For more information, contact our Executive Director, Pat Huey.

Name Chairs Description
A/V Equipment
Gooch, Jim
Responsible for setting up the Marietta Kiwanis’ audio visual equipment for weekly program meetings and for special Kiwanis events that may require the need for equipment. Committee members share and rotate responsibility that includes setting up and connecting cables for the laptop, wireless mouse/pointer if needed, presentation USB or CD, projector, speakers and connecting then repacking the equipment for next event. A committee member need no experience.
Art & Music Showcase
Webb, Sue
Hallacy, Karen
Competition in the art and music field for middle school and high school students for local showcase. The local winner will go to the District Showcase where scholarships ranging from $500 to $2,500 are available for the winners.
Art Fund
Kiser, Bob
Manage the Marietta Kiwanis Foundation Art Fund with monies invested at Cobb Community Foundation. Review grant request and inform the Board of decision.
Board of Directors
Downing, Gail
Business and Public Affairs
Hickey, Barbara
Booker, Vance
Contact Pat Huey for more information on this committee.
Club Safety
Miller, Michael
This is a Subcommittee of Club Meetings and Administration, responsible for ensuring safety and management of risk are taken into account at all official Kiwanis Club of Marietta functions.
Club Satellite U40
Throop, Betsy R
Carter, Wes
For members ages 18-39. The Club Satellite will have their own meetings and programs currently being held the first Tuesday of each month, 6:00 pm, at The Strand Theatre. Special dues consideration for this group. The Club Satellite U40 may participate in all Kiwanis Club of Marietta projects and events and may add those specific to their group.
Community Services
Koch, Rebecca
Doss, Joy
The Committee on Services is responsible for identifying needs in the community and developing programs or projects that positively impact those needs.
Dessert/Spring Auction
Carter, Karen L
Harding, Laura
A component of Fundraising - General, this committee plans and oversees the club's annual Spring Auction.
Olney, George
The Committee on Finance will meet and accomplish the following prior to September 25th: assist in preparing a proposed budget for the Administrative Account and one for the Service Account for the next fiscal year.
Flag Project
Mallard, Jim
This is a Subcommittee of the Committee on ‘Finance and Fundraising’ responsible for managing the Club’s annual Holiday Flag fundraising project.
Fundraising - Corporate
Williamson, Jimmy
Lawrence, Lisa
This committee is responsible for corporate, grants, and "One Ask" fund raising for Graduate Marietta projects. The "One Ask" is a new initiative in which we solicit donations for several Club efforts including, but not limited to, Night Golf, "Light the Way 5K,” etc. It's very important that individuals serving on this committee either have existing community business relationships or are willing to work to establish these. Club members who have grant writing skills and understand the process would add value to the team.
Graduate Marietta
Johnson, Gaye
Booker, Vance
This committee provides broad oversight and coordination for all initiatives within the Graduate Marietta framework. In addition to its Chair(s) and designated representatives from the Marietta City Schools, the Graduate Marietta committee is comprised only of the Chairs and Co-chairs of the committees that support the initiative. These committees are: General Fundraising (includes Spring Auction, Night Golf, etc.), Corporate Fundraising, “Light the Way 5K” Road Race, MHS Technology Center, the Reading Oasis Projects, and Nutritional Literacy Projects. Encompassing Elementary, Middle, and High schools, Graduate Marietta is an initiative by the Marietta City Schools to help students graduate prepared. The Kiwanis Club of Marietta has adopted this initiative as its major focus with a comprehensive approach to literacy in its various forms, including: Technical literacy, Reading literacy, Nutritional/Health literacy, Cultural and Arts literacy, Financial and Work-ready literacy, and Numerical/Science literacy.
Historical Preservation
Nichols, Phyllis S
This is a Subcommittee of “Club Meetings and Administration” responsible for recording the historical record for the Kiwanis Club of Marietta.
House & Reception
Scott, Kadria
This is a Subcommittee of “Club Meetings and Administration” responsible for ensuring the Club meeting room is set up with the necessary equipment and supplies needed to conduct the Club meeting.
Isakson, Kevin
This is a Subcommittee of “Club Meetings and Administration” responsible for scheduling Interclub meetings with other Clubs in the division.
Light the Way 5K Road Race
Watson, Travis S
Tilson, Stephen D
This committee is responsible for organizing and executing our 5K night road race (think glow in the dark), with the goal of making this an annual signature Kiwanis event for fundraising, branding, and community involvement to support Graduate Marietta. Individuals serving on this committee should want to work with the Marietta City School System teachers and administrators, road race professionals, community leaders, and the overall Club to create enthusiasm and participation in the event. Responsible for sponsorships, marketing and PR, registration, and race day setup.
Light the Way NIGHT GOLF!
Booker, Vance
Part of the overall Graduate Marietta Committee, this committee is responsible for organizing and implementing the Night Golf fundraising event.
Michaels, Julie L
The Committee on Membership, Growth, Education and Retention is responsible for recruiting new members into the Club, educating new and current members about Kiwanis and helping retain the current members of the Club by having open communications on issues of concern.
O'Dell, Justin
This is a Subcommittee of "Club Meetings and Administration" responsible for seeking nominations for the Officers and Directors positions of the Club. The Committee shall consist of the 5 most recent past Marietta Kiwanis Presidents with the President-Elect, Secretary and Executive Director serving as non-voting ex officio members.
Past Presidents
O'Dell, Justin
This Committee serves as advisors to the current President whenever called upon. An annual Past Presidents Breakfast is held in honor of the incoming President when they will share their Major Emphasis project and ask for the Past Presidents support.
Past Projects
Day, Dan
Eckford, Beth
This committee will identify past projects to be brought to the membership's attention so younger members will be aware of what the Club has done throughout the years.
Policies & Procedures / Bylaws
Hawkins, Jean
Rainey, Lynn
This is a Subcommittee of Club Meetings and Administration, responsible for reviewing any proposed changes to the Policies and Procedures or the Bylaws of The Kiwanis Club of Marietta and making recommendations to the Board of Directors.
Mallard, Jim
This is a Subcommittee of “Club Meetings and Administration” responsible for arranging a program for each of the weekly meetings when there is not a special Club meeting.
Public Relations
Nichols, Phyllis S
Manely, Shelia G
The Committee on Public Relations is responsible for keeping the Club membership and the community at large informed on the projects, events, programs and other activities of the Kiwanis Club of Marietta.
Reading Oasis
McCracken, Debbie
This committee is part of the Graduate Marietta initiative that focuses on reading literacy. We will put reading and educational materials in multiple (currently four) locations to benefit elementary-aged children. Matching funds will be provided by Scholastic through Kiwanis International. Individuals serving on this committee will work to establish the physical locations, deliver materials, determine sustainability needs, and identify other potential reading literacy projects.
Roberson, Frances
Reardon, Janice
This is a Subcommittee of the Committee on Club Meetings and Administration responsible for managing the Club’s scholarship program.
Spiritual Aims
Shipley, Becky
Smith, Brian
The Committee on Human and Spiritual Values is responsible for coordinating a Club member or member of the local clergy to provide the invocation at each meeting and for coordinating the Club’s efforts towards providing human and spiritual values to members of Club and community.
Sponsored Youth
Powell, Don
McCracken, Debbie
The Committee on Sponsored Youth is responsible for managing the clubs Youth Service Leadership Programs in our local schools including the K¬Kids, Builders Clubs, Key Clubs and Circle K International Clubs.
Sports & Social
Qualey, Kathy
The Sports & Social Committee is responsible for planning events that give members the opportunity to meet and mingle with Kiwanians and their families outside of our weekly meetings or volunteer events.
Technology Center at Marietta High School
Staley, Mary
This committee is part of the Graduate Marietta initiative that focuses on technical literacy. This committee is responsible for managing the delivery of technology to deserving students at Marietta High School that meet specific criteria. The purpose is to help close the "digital divide,” the gap between students who have ready access to technology and those who don't. Individuals working on this committee will determine the type of technology provided, as well as monitoring the various success measures established for the project. Funding is in place for the next 4 years.
Veterans Day Parade & Ceremony
Younker, Pam
Carter, Karen L
This is a subcommittee of Services and is responsible for organizing and coordinating the Veterans Day Parade & Ceremony in conjunction with the City of Marietta.
Young Children: Priority One
Shenton, Greg
Tatnall, Andy
The Committee on Young Children: Priority One (YCPO) (age birth to 5) is an ongoing service program of Kiwanis International, addressing the needs of young children.
Youth Services
Dondelinger, Alice J
The Committee on Youth Services is responsible for determining ways the Club can help boys and girls ages six to seventeen adjust to their environment and become adapted to the social, economic and moral demands they encounter, including the GEM Awards and Read-A-Book projects.